Whether you are towing a caravan, driving a RV or touring in a 4WD, we are here to power your next adventure.

Experienced and locally owned

At Future Adventure Auto Electrical we are a local family owned business in Townsville with over 25 years experience in the automotive industry. We specialise in 4WD, caravan and RV accessories. Our range includes light bars and spotlights right through to solar panel installation and auto electrical/ air conditioning.

At Future Auto Electrical we believe you should enjoy the JOURNEY not just the DESTINATION. 

Get everything you need professionally fitted the right way the first time, contact us today to power your next adventure.

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Our Services

Fit Outs

Quality canopy fit outs from tradies to the ultimate adventure setups for your next camping trip.

Towing Solutions

We can provide products & solutions to make towing a breeze. Enjoy your journey not just the destination.

Accessories & Installations

We provide all the accessories you need for your vehicle or caravan and offer professional installation.

Solar Installations

We can provide and install solar panels for your 4WD or caravan to make off the grid camping possible with a few creature comforts.